What We Deliver

If you are a travel provider, you have a service to sell. That might be airline seats, hotel rooms, cruise trips, car rental or insurance. If you are in the business of selling travel, you are looking for choice, value for money and an easy way to book these services.
Finally, we have the travellers. Their needs are unique, but they all have one thing in common: they want a personalised and fulfilling travel experience.


Amadeus helps you to connect to the travel ecosystem which means new business travel opportunities that can make your business - and that of your travel partners - grow.

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Amadeus can help you better serve the traveller. By differentiating yourself from the competition and providing a personalised and enhanced travel experience for the traveller you can build solid customer engagement.

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Amadeus technology empowers you to optimise your business processes, procedures and reporting. This ultimately reduces your costs and generates more revenues, helping you to build a more sustainable travel business.

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Our industries

Travel management companies
Car rental
Tour operators
Ground Handlers
Travel insurance
Destination Marketing
Travel agencies
Online travel agencies
Transfer Services

Since 2000, world-leading airlines such as British Airways, Qantas and Finnair have contracted Amadeus’ Airline IT Services. You can find a complete list of key milestones in the Amadeus Press kit.

Yes. Amadeus is traded on the Spanish Stock Exchanges as of 29 April 2010 [AMS].

Amadeus operates under a transaction-based business model that offers IT solutions to virtually all players in the travel industry. The Amadeus system processed 948 million key billed travel transactions in 2011.

Amadeus’ solutions and services are used by our customer groups in different ways. More than 91,350 travel agency points of sale and over 67,180 airline sales offices use the Amadeus system to run their business. Many of the industry’s other leading travel service providers use our modular technology to optimise their distribution and internal operational requirements.

Today, there are 73 local Amadeus Commercial Organisations covering frontline activities in some 195 countries.